CanHaptics Lab 1: No-tech puppeteering

Task: Create three hardware sketches that move 1mm, 10mm and 100mm. No-tech materials only.





Original idea

Original idea. Steam leaks from a can of soda, pushing a small ball, which in turn hits a switch (10mm). The switch causes a paper weight to be released (1mm) into a popsicle structure, triggering an “explosion” effect (100mm).

Part 1: Soda can steamer

Soda can steamer is a three part system that triggers 1mm/10mm/100mm motions. The steamer (left) consists of an sealed soda can with a small hole, filled 1/3 of the way with water. The pendulum consists of two strings held together by candle wax, and that holds a small weight in the lower end. Finally, the last part of the system consists in a cup of water, placed directly below the pendulum.
Soda can used as the steamer (left), non-flammable encasing (middle), final setup (right).

Part 2: Exploding stick structure

Craft stick structure with a small object placed at the tail.




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